About CASE

About CASE
The CASE is an EU based think tank focused on research of post-Soviet countries and Russian-speaking diaspora in the EU and US.
Our mission is to provide expertise about the processes taking place in post-Soviet countries, and Russian diaspora, influence public opinion and advise interested institutions on policies related to these topics.
We adhere to the scientific approach, principles of objectivity and pluralism. In our work we try to produce analytics which could simultaneously represent scientific and public interest.
We are strongly committed to the principles of democracy and peace and believe that both Russia and the West will benefit from the end of Putin’s

Our goal is to become an authoritative and widely cited independent analytical structure in the field of Russian studies. CASE is an independent think tank focused on stimulating international expert dialogue on pressing issues especially in economic and social topics.

CASE operates as an independent expert community, free from any political or ideological stance, fostering an environment of respectful and well-founded discourse. The organization aims to advocate for the primacy of free exchange of ideas and supporting research in social sciences.

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